Spirit of Folk 2014

I had a blast taking photographs at the Spirit of Folk Festival this year! I enjoyed everything about it: the place, the people, the stage, the musicians, the atmosphere, I found everything very exciting and creatively stimulating from the point of view of a photographer and music lover.


The Festival

The festival has been running for four years. It’s a small trad, indie, folk and rock music festival that takes place each year in Dunderry Park in Co. Meath. As well as music, the festival proposes a diverse program that includes science, storytelling, poetry, archery, historical reenactments and a whole host of other activities to keep you entertained throughout the weekend.

It has a huge emphasis on being holistic and family-friendly, with a laid back atmosphere that seeps into all the aspects of the festival.


The Storytelling Cairn

The park where the Spirit of Folk takes place includes a very peculiar venue. In the field behind the woods, there is a replica of a megalithic cairn. This area hosts scientists, poets, historians  and some of Ireland’s best Seanchaí spin some tales!


Living History

The festival is also about embracing our heritage and past. For this reason there was a ‘Living History’ village, where people could experience what it was like to dress, live, craft and cook old school style.

As part of it, on Saturday there was a small scale battle reenactment in the activity area. It was cool to witness what it was like for warriors to use their armory and weapons on the battle ground for a combat!


The Music

The music was performed on two stages: the main stage and the woodland stage. Both beautiful in their own right. The main stage was a low hanging white tent that reflected the lights nicely to create a glowing atmosphere. The woodland stage was smaller, and nestled in the wood not too far from the main area.


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